Over the years since this ministry was established, God has shown us a need amongst the community of prison inmates and placed in our hearts a vision for fulfilling that need. As ex-offenders are released from their debt, and into society, they commonly have very little to look forward to in the way of becoming an asset that is beneficial to society.

Some have families who may or may not receive them with forgiveness and acceptance.  Some places have programs, usually in the form of a halfway house which are maintained by state funds and employees of the state who may or may not care about the people in their care.

The Founder and the Director have each had this vision of putting together a place that would be called, “Ranch of Hope”.

A facility located on 100 acres of land with separate housing for men and women and families.  There would be a chapel, a house for the founder and ministry offices.  There would also be a playground, a daycare, classrooms, a swimming pool, a banquet hall, etc.

There would be a common garden, where food for the ranch, and hopefully also enough to sell, would be produced.  There would also be shops, such as for mechanics, HVAC, cabinetry and carpentry, etc. where inmates can learn skills and be productive.  An outlet store for selling what is produced would be open to the public and help to support all the people there.

We would have a clinic and volunteer medical staff, not only for treatment of ailments, but also for education in personal hygiene and preventive health care.  This would initially be a six month program, after which there would be an evaluation of progress and readiness.

We want to provide basic needs like clothing, shoes, toiletries and such and provide training for successfully going out into the working world.  Our Founder and Director have it in their collective heart to create an environment that will encourage them and us to practice the word of God, taking His Agape Love into the world.  They would receive Godly counsel for help with resume writing, interviews, and help with transportation to the work place.  Their success will be a witness to the world that God is in the business of transforming lives.

This all sounds like a huge task, and where would we begin???

I’m glad you asked.

If you believe in the same God we serve, you understand he owns all the gold and silver in the world.  We, that is, you and I are holding some of it for Him.  As the Holy Spirit tugs on your heart and directs you, this is an opportunity to share the wealth God has blessed you with and entrusted to your care.

Know that funds donated, large and small will be used as God directs to accomplish this vision to bring life and love to a dying and hateful world.  Lives are being changed and new life will be nurtured through this adventure.  As we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ inside the prison walls, we are making disciples who in turn will eventually carry the same Good News outside the prison walls and possibly to one of our loved ones to share God’s plan of redemption and so bring them to Christ.

In Christ's Name,
Pastor Robert Dubois, Founder
Pastor Shelia Johnson, Director