September Ministry Reports

Sycamore Unit, Gatesville, TX – September 17
Pastors Dennis and Keely Ware and I attended two of the women’s prisons in Gatesville,Texas. Praise God after the message one of the ladies received Christ as her personal savior.

In the other unit we visited, two of the ladies received Christ and one backslider came back to Christ. Praise the Lord! The Word of God says that heaven rejoices over one soul coming to Christ. We know that heaven rejoiced, and we rejoiced over the four that came to Christ which makes it all worth it. That’s what ministry is all about feeding God’s people with His Word and allowing them to accept Him as their savior.
Chaplain/CEO Shelia Johnson

Diboll Unit – September 18
Mike Woerner and I ministered at this Unit for the Hope For All In Jesus Prison Ministry. This was an evening service and 30 inmates attended expecting God to move in their life. Mike gave his testimony and hopeful word from the Lord that blessed us all. I brought my guitar, led the men in worship, and then gave a message called “Growing Up in God.” I used Ephesians 4:11- 15 to show that the Lord gave us the five-fold ministry so that all Believers will come into the unity of faith and the knowledge of the Son of God. The men were encouraged, and we prayed together that we would receive this Word into our hearts and continue to grow faith.
God bless, Pastor John Hammond

Clemens Trustee Camp – September 24
Today, we had the opportunity to sponsor the first Clemens Trustee Camp Fall Festival. The men ate hot dogs, chips and cookies. They had sodas and bottled water. They played basketball, corn hole, and then they had a tug of war, one dorm against another. The Spirit of God was really moving in the midst. Mrs. Tyson from the property department organized the event, and we were able to provide the food and drinks. We all had a great time! At the end we ministered to the men outside, under the canopies that we set up. The breeze from the coast was refreshing, so that we did not really feel the heat! Leonard prayed for the entire camp, and many of the men were touched by the Holy Spirit. We invited them to our service at their chapel next weekend, and are hopeful that many will come.
Ministers Cynthia and Leonard Ventress

Ramsey Trustee Unit – September 25
Sister Shelia Mitchell and Dan Groves arrived while brother Dwane, an inmate there, was preaching the truth of God’s Word. After, their worship team led us in song and melodious worship. Shelia gave a word of encouragement and read something she had prepared called, “Just let it go”, inspired by her granddaughter. Dan gave a message entitled, “You are lovely”, about the bride of Christ, from the books of Esther and Song of Solomon. Afterward, we gathered and prayed for one another, praying as a bride would request from the groom.
Editor, Dan Groves