October Ministry Reports

PAM LYCHNER Sunday, Oct 10, 2021, Minister John Hammond and Dan Groves went into this jail to equip the saints behind bars. As the 23 men trickled in. One of the first four had a question, which John was answering as the remaining men entered. John then asked who was born again and two did not raise their hands. Dan opened with prayer and then gave a message of encouragement, and we entered into praise. John had printed out song sheets that helped the men to enter in, and they did wholeheartedly. John preached from 1 Cor. 2:14-16. Before he could finish, our time was ended, but we still took time to bring the two forward and they were very ready to give their lives to Jesus and be born again. The entire service was Holy Spirit inspired and we all received it enthusiastically. As they were leaving we encouraged those who did not have Bibles to get one.

JESTER IV UNIT: On Sunday, Oct. 24th Minister John Hammond and Dan Groves went into this Unit and held a Sunday service. Mr. Hammond brought his guitar and led us in Worship. He then opened in Prayer and gave encouraging words. When we asked if anyone needs a Bible, one man did not, and we encouraged others nearby to help him take the steps needed to get one. At that time, I mentioned that John has a good reading plan, and lo and behold, he already had printed copies out. So we passed these out. I then passed out copies of my message entitled Knowing by Practice, about prayerful Bible reading to begin knowing God, then gaining understanding by practicing His Word. I had printed 22 copies, but in the end, 2 people did not receive one, though I only counted 22 men. We were given a little extra time and it was well spent. Bless God, what a privilege.

Ramsey Unit: on Sunday, October 24th Apostle Ray and I were honored to minister to a group of men that not only welcomed us but had visions of implementing visions God had given them that would bless the men there on the unit. The Lord has blessed them to be creative in ways to learn and remember scriptures. Whoever recites the bible verse that is required is able to get a packet of toiletries that is much needed and other items. They have many other things that they are implementing to advance the reading of the Word and to get more of the men involved in Bible Study and ministry. I was asked if I knew where to get a small keyboard to play on the recreational yard and a multi-disc changer for CDs. If anyone has one or knows where I can get one please let me know. The praise and worship team opened up Apostle Ray sang and played on the guitar and the keyboard which had the men up on their feet clapping and praising God. I ministered from the book of 2 Sam 11:1-5. My topic was “I Got Issues But I Can Still Be Used By God”. Several men came up for prayer after I ministered.