October Ministry Reports

Terrell Unit – October 23
Chaplain Shelia, minister Cassandra Kitchens, and Apostle Ray Felder, attended the Terrell Unit Trustee Camp. The men opened with a scripture and prayer and Apostle Ray and Shelia led praise and worship. Apostle Ray ministered the Word of God. There were 15 men present as the room only holds 20. In closing we prayed for the men, the guards, the Warden and the chaplain.
Chaplain Shelia Johnson

Ramsey Trustee Unit – October 23
Shelia Mitchell, and I ministered to 30 inmates at the Ramsey Trustee Camp. This unit has an excellent worship team who opened the service with songs of praise and ushered in the presence of the Lord. I provided an update on the Hope For All In Jesus Prison ministry then Shelia gave a word of encouragement to the men. The message I gave was on the 5-fold ministry the Apostle Paul addressed in the book of Ephesians Chapter 4 that the Lord instituted to bring the body of Christ into unity, and we completed the service with prayer for the men.
God bless, Pastor John Hammond

Wayne Scott, (Jester IV) Unit – October 23
Dan Groves went to this unit with a newly acquired Amp/Speaker/Player unit on wheels. This prison unit has no worship team or equipment, so this Speaker unit was used to lead worship. NOTE: This kind of equipment along with USB drive are alowed only with approval from the Warden or Chaplain. I had produced 15 song books which is coordinated with songs recorded on my disc. We had a good worshipful time and I brought out the message on God’s authority. This prompted responses that we were able to break through with God’s love. At the end, at least 10 men came up for prayer.
Editor, Dan Groves

Stringfellow Unit – October 29
Dan Groves went to this prison to hold services with the men in the Chapel. This was my first time at this unit and I learned that they have no worship team or equipment. There is a piano and a set of drums. I also did not have any equipment with me, so we used KJV scriptures that I was familiar with tunes for them. After prayer for our hearts to be receptive, I gave a message using scriptures from Romans and Colosians to speak about the sharp contrast between how the world thinks and how the Christian thinks, and why they are so different. It was an informal meeting with a dozen men and we had a little time to fellowship.