October and November Ministry Reports

J.D. Wainwright Unit– On October 8, 2023, Apostle Ray C. Felder, Chaplain Shelia Johnson and Minister Cassandra Kitchen went to Wainwright in Lovelady, TX. The house was full and filled with the holy presence of God. Apostle Felder opened with songs of praise and worship. Chaplain Johnson sang a very anointed song that moved many to a place of humility which was demonstrated by uplifting of hands and shedding of tears. Apostle Felder gave a mighty word from on high that came from Romans 12:1-9 entitled, “My Mind is Made Up and My Heart is Fixed”. Many came up for prayer and 12 souls were saved and won for the kingdom of God.
God bless- Cassandra Kitchen

Mark W. Stiles Unit On Oct. 29th, Apostle Ray Felder, Chaplain Shelia Johnson, and Min. Cassandra Kitchen went to this unit in Beaumont, Tx. It was a full house and packed with the presence of God. Apostle Ray, Shelia, and Cassandra opened with praise and worship songs which put the men on their feet in total praising unto the Lord. Chaplain Johnson brought a powerful word that was a right now word for today’s trials and tribulations. The men were hungry and thirsty for a new and fresh word, and they received it with Thanksgiving. The word came from Habakkuk, Chapt. 1 & 3, entitled Hold on to the faith in difficult times. One man gave his life to Christ and many came up for prayer and to express their sincere gratitude.
God bless, Cassandra Kitchen

Estelle Unit, Huntsville On Nov 5, Apostle Felder and I went to this uni. The choir opened up with praise and worship and set the atmosphere of worship. We sang a few songs then the Apostle gave the message on Love. Several men came up for prayer.
Shelia Johnson

Duncan Unit On Nov. 11th, Minister Dan Groves attended the 7pm service with 18 or so men. The onboard praise & worship group brought us into the spirit of praise. I was careful not to dampen the Spirit as I brought the Word. The message came from my own recent experiences while growing in the intimate knowledge of Him and connected with scriptures that relate and validate.
Blessing in Jesus Name, Dan Groves

Stringfellow Trustee Camp On the afternoon of Nov.12th, Minister Dan Groves went to this unit and ministered to about 20 men. I gathered them into a circle of chairs gave a short message and opened it up for interactive testimonies and sharing scripture.
Bless you in Christ Dan Groves

Terrell Trustee Unit, On Nov. 12th, Minister Jason Perez with Pastor John Hammond. ministered to about 30 men. Jason gave an encouraging word and John delivered a message on renewing the mind, giving four steps toward freedom for our minds. Our beautiful Lord Jesus blessed the service and it was a wonderful time with the Lord and brothers.
God richly bless you, Jason Perez

Wainwright Trustee Unit Nov 26, Apostle Felder, Dr. Cassandra Kitchen and I visited the this Unit in Lovelady. We attended their 9am Sunday School class after which they went to lunch. The worship service began at 11am. We opened with praise and worship and Dr. Kitchen brought the message from Matt 7:13-14 “Which Road Will You Choose?” The men were very receptive and when prayer was extended everyone came up, some even having tears enough to be bottled. Look at God!
Love you all, Shelia Johnson

Diboll Unit Nov 19th, Pastor John Hammond and Minister Mike Woerner went to the 6pm service at the Diboll unit and the Lord was there. 25 men were present. John introduced the ministry and led praise and worship. I gave a word of encouragement: Leave a Legacy, Consider Paul and the impact that he had even while in prison. Then John gave the message: the battle of the mind which I believe touched the men.
Praise be to God, Mike Woerner

Ramsey Trustee Unit, Bonney, Tx. On Nov. 26th Minister Shelia Mitchell and Dan Groves came to this unit, which has capable ministers / leaders who, after a message and time of blessed testimonies turned it over to us. Dan gave a single scripture word and Shelia gave the message on miracles including her own recovery. She encouraged the men to see themselves as a group where God could manifest miracles corporately. We had a time of prayer with several men coming for personal prayer.
Rejoice in Jesus, Dan Groves

J.D. Wainwright Unit – On November 26, 2023, Apostle Ray C. Felder, Chaplain Shelia Johnson and Minister Cassandra Kitchen went to Wainwright in Lovelady, TX. Apostle Felder opened with praise and worship songs while Chaplain Johnson and Minister Kitchen assisted in singing. Minister Kitchen gave words of encouragement. Chaplain Johnson sang an anointed song that was requested by the men of God and then brought a powerful message from Psalm 18 entitled, “Who Is God?”. All that she had poured out, the men graciously received with thanksgiving. One soul was won for the kingdom from backsliding, and many came up for prayer. After the close of the benediction, many came up to express their thoughts of appreciation for the ministry. I was told many times that even though other ministries come, there is no other compared to Hope For All In Jesus. To God be the Glory!!!
God Bless – Cassandra Kitchen