November Ministry Reports

DIBOLL UNIT: Nov 20th, Minister John Hammond and Dan Groves went to this facility to bring good news and discipleship training to the men housed there. Their worship team together with Chaplain Assistant Linda Rodgers, brought all into awareness of God’s Holy presence ahead of John sharing some more worship with his guitar and gave a short exhortation on intimacy with God. Dan gave the message about going beyond existing as a Christian to discipleship and entering the realm of the ‘Valiant Men & Women of God’.

DUNCAN UNIT: Nov 20th, Ministers George and Joy Powell ministered at this unit.

ESTELLE UNIT: Sunday, Nov 21st, I ministered in 2 services at this prison with 65 inmates in the first and 100+ in the second, and with the worship team. Last month we were only allowed 22 men and no worship team. Their worship team blessed us as the service opened and I could feel the freedom they felt as they worshipped the Lord. I gave a word of encouragement, then continued singing and worshipping with several songs on my guitar. The Presence of the Holy Spirit was so intense that we did not want to stop worshiping. I gave a message from: John Chap.16, that the Holy Spirit is our best friend, that He wants a personal relationship with them and they can get it by spending time daily reading the Bible and Communing with God. All men said they are born again when I asked, and I closed each service with prayer for the men and their families. I was given 80 Prayer Requests that I will have my home church pray over.
God bless, Minister John Hammond

RAMSEY UNIT: Nov 28, Chaplain Shelia and Apostle Ray ministered at this unit. Many came for prayer and two men came to give their hearts to Jesus