November Ministry Reports

Clemens Trustee Camp – November 6
Among other things, Leonard preached about having the right attitude to be able to receive blessings. He told the men that we have to not murmur and complain, and we have to treat others as we, ourselves, want to be treated, in order to be in position to receive God’s blessings.

Brother Henry Byers, a former inmate here, has made a great fresh start in Amarillo with his own carpet cleaning business. He is on Facebook, at Clean Life Carpet. Please like his page for some encouragement. He has had great reviews. Congratulations to Henry!

One gentleman shared that although he had a life sentence, after 27 years, he was on his way home the next day! One of the church leaders told the group that many of the men are scheduled to be released, and that others need to be ready for the Lord to use them, that soon it will be their turn.

It is so encouraging to see all the great things that the Lord is doing at Clemens. We always feel His Holy Spirit in the place. Praise be to God!

Ministers Cynthia and Leonard Ventress

Ramsey Trustee Unit – November 27 – Ray Felder, Cassandra Kitchens, Shelia Mitchell, Vanessa Woods, Mike Woerner, Chaplain Shelia Johnson

Many came up for prayer. The blessing was the two souls and the rededication of his life to Christ. Heaven rejoices over the victory of soul winning.
CEO/Chaplain Shelia Johnson

Terrell Trustee Camp – November 8
CEO Shelia Johnson, VP Dan Groves, minister Shelia Mitchell met with the chaplain at this camp and made plans for Hope For All In Jesus Prison Outreach to facilitate a class program called Voyager. We received updated materials and introduced ourselves to a class of 18 inmates. Lesson one would begin Tuesday 15th and continue every Tuesday. This first portion would include 26 of 50 lessons.

Thus far the men have been very enthusiastic, completing their lessons and entering the discussions as outlined in the program.

Blessings; Editor, Dan Groves