Ministry Report from John Hammond

RAMSEY UNIT: Sunday, July 25th, I ministered at this unit with 60 men in attendance. The Lord has done some amazing things at this unit since I was there last month. At that time, they had just painted the room from gray to white but there were only metal chairs to sit on and the attendance was restricted so the worship team was not allowed.

However, this time things had changed drastically, with no restrictions, but the main change was that a Baptist Church had donated 20 padded pews and the room has been wonderfully transformed and looks like a church. The Worship Team with a band and choir brought in the Presence of God.

I presented the message God’s Location, teaching them that if they have truly been Born Again, then the location of the Holy Spirit was within them. The men were very receptive to this message, and when I finished the choir director came to the front and instructed the men to point at themselves and say God the Holy Spirit is in me, which they all did several times.

We were all aware of the presence of the Lord during the entire service.

Minister John Hammond