May Ministry Reports

Estelle Unit – May 1
Dan Groves came and joined the men for a 10:30 am gathering of 64 men in the first service and at 12:30 pm with 260 men. The Worship band and choir led the congregation in praise & worship. Afterward, Dan brought a message entitled: WHO ARE YOU IN TEN YEARS. I gave my testimony of 10 years and showed them in several verses how God sees us in 10 years, and how to see ourselves as God sees. We had a time of prayer and fellowship with many of the men between services & after. I saw breakthroughs and excitement in the men.
In Jesus, DPG

Ramsey Unit – May 22
John Hammond, Dan Groves, and I (Shelia Mitchell) went to the Ramsey Unit for the 9:00 am service which is the Church of Christ service. We were not scheduled for that service, but we were welcomed to stay. So, they ministered to us as they gave the word, and 12 men came up for prayer. We ministered at the 10:30 service and Femi, a Nigerian minister gave a blessed word and the men enjoyed it. Then John introduced us and then called on me to give a little testimony of how I started in the ministry and shared a story of how three lions came out of nowhere to save some missionaries. Then Dan spoke and gave a word from The Lord for the men of this unit, and everyone rejoiced. Finally, John gave a very blessed sermon by the name “The Book of Life” Rev. 20. God used the message to touch and bless the men. 15 men came up for prayer and then kept coming up after asking John to pray for them.
He is a Good Father.