March Ministry Reports

Estelle Unit March 6, 2022
Our team consisting of Chaplain Shelia, Minister Vanessa Woods, Abraham Joseph, and Dan Groves arrived early for the morning service where we entered into worship with the prison worship team. After prayer, Shelia then opened up with introductions of the ministry and team members. Dan shared an encouraging word and Abraham gave an encouraging word. Vanessa delivered a message from 1 Cor. 2, about God calling the weak, to a group of 34 men. In the afternoon service, Shelia brought the message, that Preaching the Gospel is Preaching the Cross, from 1 Cor. 1:17-18 to a group of 216 men. In the end, too many to count came forward for prayers for healing, family, and more.

Carol Vance Unit March 12, 2022
Vanessa Woods and I ministered in this Unit. Winds Of Change the unit worship team opened the service and brought in the Presence of the Lord. Vanessa gave a word of encouragement and sang with the anointing, All My Hope and Jesus Is Lord, which was graciously received.

There were 54 men in the service and I gave a message in 1 Timothy 6:6 that godliness with contentment is great gain. There are many strong Christians in the Carol Vance Unit and I always enjoy the fellowship when I minister there.

God Bless, Minister John Hammond

Carole Young Med Facility: Dickenson, Tx March 19, 2022
We had the opportunity to visit this facility with the following persons: Chaplain Shelia Johnson, Dan Groves, Vanessa Woods, Shelia Mitchell, and Abraham Joseph. We were blessed to have an excellent prayer and worship session with about 25 Women in attendance.

Chaplain Sheila opened with prayer, then introduced the Hope For All In Jesus team. Minister Venessa gave an inspiring message, which was very well received by us all.
Chaplain Johnson and minister Venessa sang two inspiring songs with CD backup, which led us into heavenly realms.

The women were attentive and interactive during both the worship and the message. Several women had come prepared to share in Psalms and Hymns as instructed in 1 Cor 14:26.

The Women were very happy and requested us to come back.

I believe we made a positive impact on them and touched their hearts.

We ended the session with a very powerful Prayer by Chaplain Johnson, while all of us formed a circle.
Abraham Joseph