July Ministry Reports

Terrell Trustee Unit – July 9 2023
Jason Perez and Mike Woerner visited the Terrell Unit. There were 19 men present. The service began with one of the inmates leading a word of prayer and then someone read a Bible scripture before a group of 4 guys leading worship. MIke introduced the ministry and then gave a word of encouragement. Then Jason gave the message: “Being who God says you are.” Mike Woerner

Duncan Unit – July 8, 2023
Dan Groves and I ministered at this unit with 35 men in attendance. This unit has a worship team that brought in the presence of the Lord to open the service. Dan introduced the Hope For In Jesus Prison ministry and gave a word of encouragement that was well received by the men.

I gave a message “Growing Up In God” on the fivefold ministry from Ephesians chapter 4, which the Lord has given to the body of Christ for the equipping of the saints. At the end of the service, many of the men told us these messages were just what they needed to help them grow into maturity. For many years we have gone into this unit only on months that have 5 Sundays but now a door has opened for us to also minister the 2nd Saturday of every month.

Diboll Unit – July 16, 2023
Dan Groves went to this unit chapel and led the men in prayer and worship before bringing a message on “Bearing Fruit”, from John15 and comparing the fruit of Gal. 6 and the works of the flesh, James 2:18 and Gal 6. Abiding in Jesus, ‘the vine’, being the best exercise, and from Phil 4:8 how to think. We engaged in individual prayer afterward.

Diboll Unit July 22, 2023
I met with Chaplain Linda Rogers who has been the assistant chaplain in this unit for over 25 years. The worship team opened the service with 35 men in attendance. Chaplain Rogers gave her testimony that she had spent 29 years in prison and found the Lord during that time and became the assistant chaplain shortly after her release.

I gave the word “Developing A Relationship with God” from John 17 where Jesus prayed for us who believe that He is the Savior.

During the service, an inmate asked if he could give a word the Lord had given him recently from Micah that tied in with my message Micah 6:18 KJV, “He has shewed thee, O man what is good: and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God?” Many times, if we had waited on God when we had that inward witness, God would have shown us things, and we could have avoided problems. But let’s not moan and groan about our past failures. Let’s take advantage of our present opportunities, and make sure that we follow our inward witness in the future. Let’s learn to develop our spirit and learn to listen to it and then do it. After the service, many men informed me that God visibly is moving in this unit daily.
God bless, Pastor John Hammond

Carol Vance – July 29, 2023
Dan Groves went into the Carol Vance unit and joined the men for worship and a time of testimony. Afterward he ministered a message called, “on guard”, about hiding the Word of God in your heart, so it is there for resisting the attacks of the devil. We did an exercise with every man picking a scripture and meditating on it for 5 minutes. Then I chose 3 men to share what they had learned. It was absolutely transforming. Praise the wisdom of God.
Yours in Christ Dan Groves