From The Editor

At this time, I would like to make it known, that we need three board members who can commit to raising $10,000 per year to support this ministry and this vision.

You may be, like me, unable to raise such money from your own personal finances. The money could be raised through a combination of resources. One could be your church or a civic association you are involved with. It could also come from donations from friends and family.

My bank allows me to round up each purchase from my debit card and send the change to my savings account. We plan to have a similar set-up with an app called RoundUp with which you could name this ministry as a recipient for that change. I make a purchase of $12.76. My card is charged $13.00 and the $0.23 change is credited to the ministry’s account. It adds up for the ministry and I never miss it but will receive a report so that I can claim it on my tax deductions for a donation.