February 2024 Ministry Reports

Clemens Unit – February 3
Dan Groves went in for the Ventress’s to minister at this unit. With 31 men in attendance we worshipped the Lord with the worship team. The message was, The fear of the Lord from Psalm 2:11-12 (ESV) Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling, and several other scripture verses. I believe they understood that, the manifestation of His presence will make you fall on your face and jump and shout with joy, all at the same time.

Estelle Unit – February 3
I ministered at this unit. Their worship team opened the service and then many men gave testimonies of what the Lord is doing in their lives. I gave a message on ‘Developing a Relationship with God’ using Jesus’ prayer recorded in John Chapter 17. I noticed one inmate in the front that looked very sad as if he just got a dear John letter, but near the end of the message I could see the Holy Spirit was touching his heart and tears were running down his cheeks. Also, I made a call for anyone who wanted to ask Jesus in their life and 5 men came forward. I have been ministering in this unit for over 30 years and at one time maybe 70 men attended the services but now it appears there is a revival going on with over 225 men in attendance today.
God bless, Pastor John Hammond New Covenant Church, Humble, TX

Wainwright Trustee Camp – February 18
Chaplain Shelia Johnson & Ray Felder visited this prison and the message was: What Shall I Give/Render To The Lord, Part 1 & 2 The question asked was, are we giving ourselves totally to the Lord or just part? God requires 100% not 99.9 not lukewarm and surely not cold. But every part of our being is to be unto the Lord for the work of the Lord and for His glory. We are to present our bodies a living sacrifice, allowing the Lord to completely possess every part of our being. Rom 12:1

Wainwright Main Prison – February 18
Chaplain Shelia and Ray visited this prison with the same message.

Stringfellow Main Chapel – February 24
Chaplain Shelia Johnson and Apostle Ray Felder shared a message on “When Love Looks Like Hate”, Luke chapter 14:25 at this unit.

Wayne Scott Unit (Jester IV) – February 25
Chaplain Shelia Johnson and Apostle Ray Felder visited this unit. Ray’s message was “Jesus” coming from 1 Pet 2:24-26 and IS 53:5-6. Within each of these services souls were united and reunited to Christ. Praise God for seeds sown and for the harvest.