December Ministry Reports

Wainwright Unit – December 5
Dan, Ray, Johnnie Mae, and I had the pleasure of attending the volunteer appreciation at the on December 5 and had a joyous time with some of the inmates. Please, prayer warriors and partners, pray that we get more volunteers and the finances that we need to keep up with the rising cost of going into all these prisons, sharing the Word of God, setting captives free.
Chaplain Shelia Johnson

Clemens Trustee Camp – December 4
Ministers Leonard and Cynthia Ventress went in and ministered.

Terrell Trustee Camp – Every Tuesday afternoon
Dan Groves has been going weekly to this unit and facilitating lessons in the Voyager program. The men are very responsive and eagerly complete more lessons than required. Discussions are interesting and thoughtful and the Word of God, when I interject it, is welcomed. On the 27th, I was told many men are lining up for the next class when we finish this one. Please pray for Shelia Mitchell who wants to join us in this program, but her health is preventing her. The 6 o’clock class has 3 people facilitating.

Diboll Unit – December 17
Pastor John Hammond and Dan Groves went into this unit along with Chaplains Assistant Linda Rogers. Linda held the first part with worship and some words of encouragement. John shared a song, introduced the ministry, and Dan shared the message of Forgiveness and how it affects body, soul & spirit. John then invited individuals to come for prayer. The men formed three lines coming forward.

Wayne Scott, (Jester-4) – December 25
Pastor John Hammond and Dan Groves went into this unit and began to hold service for about 30+ men, (the chapel was packed), then the guard asked if we could move to the gym, since there were 20 more men who wanted to join us. Dan opened with prayer and a short word on the significance of Jesus birth, Then John led us in Silent Night then shared the Christmas story from Luke 2. The gym was very cold, and men were moving about erratically the whole time. When John gave an invitation for salvation, about seven men received Christ as their savior. This is the power of God, the gospel of Jesus!

Ramsey Trustee Unit – December 25
Hope For All In Jesus Prison Outreach led by Chaplain Shelia Johnson, went into this unit and shared a Christmas service.