August Ministry Reports

CAROL VANCE: Saturday, August 7th, On Friday, Chaplain Shelia was asked to change our schedule from Sunday 8th to Saturday. Ministers John Hammond and Dan Groves went to this unit and ministered to two back-to-back groups, (one group of 58 the second of 51). John gave a revealing message on the biblical locations of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Dan gave an encouraging word about the fullness of Christ inside us.

ESTELLE UNIT, HUNTSVILLE: Sunday, August 8th, The Estelle Unit had four services. The First service had 32 men that attended, with 5 rededicating their life to Christ The Second service had 36 men. 2 received Christ The Third service had 67 men. 1 received Christ And the Fourth service had 36 men. 1 rededicated his life to the Lord. Praise God! Evangelist: Tom Harris

JESTER IV UNIT: Sunday, August 22nd, Minister Dan Groves went to this unit, which is one of four units on this street, Jester I, II, III & IV. After worship, we prayed for the Word of God to manifest His presence among us and speak directly to our hearts, the message He has for each individual. I gave a message God had prepared in my heart for both these men and myself, which was entitled: ACKNOWLEDGE GOD. It was very well received and the men responded positively. After closing in prayer we had a short time of prayer for individuals. Three men came forward and we prayed the prayer of faith for their needs. At the end of our time, nobody wanted to leave, including myself, but they were required to go out.

RAMSEY UNIT: Sunday, August 22, 2021, I ministered at that Ramsey Unit with 48 men in the service. This unit has a wonderful worship team with Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Choir. They opened the service with worship songs that ushered in the Presence of the Lord. After worship an inmate gave his testimony of when his mother died of cancer, he blamed God and entered into a life doing and selling drugs. During his time in the Ramsey Unit, he said another prisoner ministered to him and led him to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. He was so thankful that man had taken the time and effort to minister to him and his life is now changed forever. Also, Michael an inmate who directs the services has been in prison for over 25 years and it’s so obvious that he loves Jesus. I gave the message, “Developing A Relationship with God” and encouraged the men to use their time to draw closer to the Lord. I closed with a prayer for the men to ask Jesus into their hearts or rededicate lives to Him when the service closed.