April Ministry Reports

Estelle Unit On April 3rd, 2022, Dan Groves and James Ridell came and joined the men for a 10:30 am gathering of about 35 men and again at the 12:30 pm meeting of about 196 men. The Worship band and choir skillfully led the congregation into a spirit of Praise at each service. James gave a message on Love from Mat 7:12 and other verses. If we can’t love each other, how can we love God? We had a time of prayer and fellowship with many of the men between services and again after the 12:30 pm service. At that time Dan brought a message on discipline and discipleship.

Oliver J. Bell Unit: On April 3rd, 2022 John Hammond, Jason Perez, Shelia Mitchell, and I (Abraham Joseph), ministered at this unit in Cleveland, Texas.
The prison chaplain opened up with prayer and introduced our ministry to the attendees. She called upon two of the attendees to open with a Scripture reading from the Bible, followed by uplifting Christian worship played via video.

John introduced us and called upon me to give a word of Hope and Encouragement. I spoke about focusing on the future with Jesus Christ in mind and not dwelling on our past mistakes. I emphasized that Jesus Christ has redeemed, forgiven, washed us with His blood, and made us clean so that we can stand righteous before Him. I wrapped by focusing on Philippians 4:4, talking about Rejoicing in the Lord and again rejoicing.

John gave an excellent message and spiritual education on where to find the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit throughout the Bible. Several attendees were diligently making notes of the message and the Bible references.

A suggested Bible reading program with information about Hope for all in Jesus Prison Ministry was handed out. There were 26 men in attendance and we feel like the messages, prayers, and songs were very well received.

At the front gate before leaving, we formed a circle and Jason lead us in prayer thanking God for giving us this opportunity to spread the work of the prison ministry.
Giving thanks,
Abraham Joseph

Eastham Unit, On April 3rd, Chaplain Shelia, Apostle R.C. Felder, and I ministered at this unit. The 1st service began with the opening of prayer, praise, and worship. One of the Inmates sang a song, and we did two worship songs; Champion and Waymaker.

I presented the first sermon, “Sifted, Restored and a Breath” (A Fisherman’s Tale). It was how Jesus called Peter, a simple fisherman, and made him a fisher of men. Praise God!! Many men came up for prayer after the sermon.

The 2nd service was preached by Apostle on Restoration & Renewal, R.C. Felder, focusing on Ps. 23:3. We opened up with prayer and sang 3 songs. Don’t let the devil ride, War, and then Chaplain Shelia sang a solo, “Jesus.” His message was on Restoration. The foundational scripture was from And although time ran out, many men came up for prayer. He said that 5 souls came to Jesus that day.

Diboll Prison Unit, On April 15th, Dan Groves went to this prison and met with Chaplain assistant, Linda, who opened the meeting with prayer and worship. Dan brought a message entitled, “Let Us Be Certain. In the end, we prayed for physical needs and for those who were not sure of their salvation.

Jester IV Prison Unit, On April 23rd, Minister Vanessa Wood and Dan Groves went to this prison in Richmond Tx. Vanessa brought songs and worship and Dan preached on the Love of God and the followers of Christ’s love for each other. We had a good time of Prayer at the end and Vanessa brought forth a prophecy for one of the men.