April Ministry Reports

Clemens Trustee Camp On April 2nd, Leonard and Cynthia Ventress ministered faithfully as they have been doing for countless months.

Estelle Prison, April 2nd, Chaplain Shelia Johnson, Apostle Ray Felder, Cassandra Kitchens and myself, went to minister in this unit. This unit has their own worship team who ushered in the Presence of the Lord. I introduced the ministry and gave a word of encouragement. Shelia and Ray ministered in song. Ray gave a message from Galatians on the fruit of the Spirit. There were approximately 120 men in the service, and many came for prayer after the message. We have had cancellations in recent months because of insufficient security staff, so today’s service, though originally was not scheduled, was a blessing by the power of the Lord as, they were able to let us in after a lengthy wait. God bless, Pastor John Hammond

Terrell Trustee Camp On April 9th, Jason Perez went and shared his Easter morning with the men in this camp, sharing in worship and giving a message.

Carol Vance Unit On April 16th, Michael Woerner and Dan Groves went to this trustee unit to join them with their worship team entering into the spirit and presence of God. Mike gave an encouraging word and Dan preached on, “Treasure the Word of God” and gave 25 verses about the immense importance of God’s Word. Thank you, Dan Groves

Wayne Scott (Jester IV) On April 23rd, John Hammond and Mike Woerner visited the Wayne Scott unit. There were 19 men present who were happy to see us. John introduced the ministry and then led praise and worship. Mike provided a word of encouragement and then John gave a message on the goodness of God. Several men came forward for prayer before the meeting concluded. Thank you, Mike Woerner

Ramsey Trustee Camp, On April 23rd Jason Perez and Dan Groves came to this trustee unit to join their talented worship team and men in lifting the name and presence of God up for praise. There was a time given to individual inmates to share testimonies of How The Lord had moved in their lives. This is a very pro-active group of about 40 men including some new members. Dan Groves introduced the ministry and Jason gave the message on, ‘Soften your heart to hear”. Bless you all, Dan Groves

LeBlanc Unit On April 23, 2023, Apostle Ray Felder and his wife Johnnie Mae Felder, Minister Cassandra Kitchens, and Chaplain Shelia Johnson went to the LeBlanc Unit in Beaumont, Texas which is one of our new units. The Chaplain, Chaplain Charles Rowry met us there and stayed during the entire service. The Unit’s praise team opened with prayer and praise & worship. As they ministered in song the Holy Spirit came in and took over the service. The Chaplain came up and asked them to sing that particular song again and the presence of God was felt in the entire room. God has now set the atmosphere for the entire service. Apostle Ray ministered on the keyboard and sang and Sister Johnnie Mae, Minister Cassandra, and I sang background. I ministered two songs then Apostle Ray came up to give his message entitled “We Fall Down, But We Get Up” (Prov 24:16; Ps. 51, Rom. 10:9-10. There wasn’t even standing room in the place. They were wall to wall even in the hallway listening and trying to come to the service. God moved miraculously in that service. Many came up for prayers for their family, for healing, for closer walk with the Lord, as other things. We are scheduled to go and minister at this unit on the fourth Sunday of every even month. After this service the Chaplain went to his church service full of the Holy Spirit. Glory to God in the highest! God Bless; Shelia Johnson

Duncan Unit On April 30th Pastor John Hammond went to this unit and ministered to the men.